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Can I Remortgage to Fund My Autumn Renovation?

Can I Remortgage to Fund My Autumn Renovation?

Can I Remortgage to Fund My Autumn Renovation?

As the evenings start to get darker and the warm, sunny weather turns colder, it might just be the right time to start thinking about that autumn renovation. With the cold weather comes the opportunity to spend a little bit extra time in your home, so this could be the perfect chance to renovate and build the home of your dreams.

In this article, we’ve put together some tips on how to best prepare your home for autumn, and advice on how remortgaging your home could be the answer to funding any bigger changes you might be thinking of making.


Prepare for the cold weather

With the cold weather fast approaching, it’s important to make sure your home is prepared to last through the winter. So, if you have a wood burning fireplace, make sure you’ve given it a good clean, and it’s safe for use before the cold hits! But also, don’t forget to get your boiler checked so that your radiators are ready for action against the chill that autumn will no doubt bring.

This could also be a great time to buy some new blankets, pillows, and bedspreads to make your home that much cosier during the colder months!


Deep clean your home

Although most homeowners see spring as the main time to get their cleaning done, autumn is also the perfect chance to declutter your home! As part of your yearly autumn renovation, why not use this time to take stock of what you need and use in your home, and all those things that are lying around, taking up much wanted space.

Deep cleaning you home could include tasks such as:

  • Clearing your wardrobe of summer clothes- now’s the perfect time to get your wardrobe ready for the cold, so pack up all your summer items neatly ready for use next year. You may also find many items you don’t wear, and this could be the ideal opportunity to donate some clothing to those less fortunate than you.
  • Clean out your fridge- take the time to organise your fridge and cupboards of any unwanted and unused food. With the harvest festival around the corner as well, this is the perfect chance to give away any tinned goods and cans that are still in date, but which you no longer want!
  • Clean all the nooks and crannies- although this may be obvious when we say clean your home, make sure you get into all the forgotten corners of your house, from the top of kitchen cupboards, to behind the washing machine, so that no place is left to gather dust.


Create the perfect autumn ambience  

Nothing beats walking into the warmth of your home after a long day at work and cosying up in front of the fire. But why not create the perfect autumn feel by buying some new candles and dotting them around your home for the extra added comfort? If candles aren’t your style, homemade potpourri could also be just what your home needs. However, if you’re short on time, or just not into making your own potpourri, plenty of supermarkets having it ready to hand!

At the end of the day, your autumn renovation is the perfect time to get your home ready for the cold weather, but as with the seasonal changes, it could also be the time where you’re starting to think about bigger changes within your home.

If you’re not sure how you could afford these bigger renovations, releasing equity from your home to free up some of your money could be the right option for you. If you want to know more about how remortgaging your home could fund your dream renovations, get in touch with one of our team who can help answer any questions you might have.


You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage.

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